My name is Karolis Petrauskas. I am a programmer. I am working in IT and a lot of my free time is spent for activities related to programming. As the IT world is changing very fast, a lot of my time is used for learning new things. These new things are usually related to the areas of my interests: enterprise application integration, modelling of biochemical processes and improving software development process by means of automation. For all that IT related activities I prefer to use Linux based operating systems.

Apart from working with computer, I like to make various things from wood (wooden spoons, etc.), solve puzzles or walk Old Town streets and interconnected courtyards.


My understanding of the IT has been influenced by a university rather notably. I was studying in the Vilnius University, in the faculty of mathematics and informatics. My studies here took 11 years starting from 2000. First years I was member of 5th group. Majority of the time I was studying in the department of software engineering. In 2011 I defended my dissertation and now I am PhD in informatics (09P). My dissertation was prepared in Lithuanian, but the summary of the dissertation is available in English.

During my master studies I started to work as an assistant in the university. Currently I am working as a lecturer there, taking care on software engineering seminars in autumn and seminars on the object oriented programming in spring. You can find me in several places on the university servers. I have my personal page at faculty, the lecturer's page and also my profile in the department of software engineering.

Apart from teaching in the university I am also working in scientific projects, continuing investigations started during my master and PhD studies. Currently I am working in the BioModa project. Complete title of the project is Developing computational techniques, algorithms and tools for efficient simulation and optimization of biosensors of complex geometry.


My full-time job is in the telecommunications industry. Here I am working as an IT architect and my main area is the enterprise application integration in the business support systems domain.

I started as a junior SAS programmer in autumn of 2001. During couple of years I developed several applications providing analytical information to people making business decisions in the company. When the SAS programming was outsourced, I switched to middleware development.

With the middleware I started as a programmer developing web services using Java for the IBM's WebSphere application server. Apart from implementing new or updating existing services, I also was working on improvement of the way these services are built.

My last major project was an implementation of integration platform. The system was based on the ESB architectural style with heavy use of TM Forum's NGOSS standards. Special emphasis here was put on the SID which was used as a basis for a common information and data models. The system was implemented based on Apache ServiceMix for the ESB part, JBoss Drools for managing business rules and Intalio BPMS (based on Apache ODE) for taking care on long running processes.

On the Web

You can find me in several places on the web. I am using github for hosting my source code and launchpad for publishing my debian-based packages. My Curriculum Vitae can be found at LinkedIn. You can also reach me at Google+, Facebook or Twitter.